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About King Slayers
Who we are:

King Slayers is an end game raiding guild on Dalaran-WoW's private progressive server Algalon.  Our core group of players are from North America (Eastern Time Zone) but players of all nationalities from all reaches of the world are welcome to join so long as our American English doesn't bother you.  Our officers have an abundant amount of experience leading successful raids through several expansions including hard modes and prefer to keep the environment relaxed and friendly, but also highly efficient.  By that I mean you’ll never be called out / screamed at (that’s a 50 DKP MINUS!!) for making a mistake, but you will be expected to learn from your mistakes as well as show up to raids you’ve committed to on time, with all relevant consumables and fights researched ahead of time.  In the event that we wipe on a boss, we’ll be looking to get the next attempt in ASAP to keep things moving smoothly.  

Raid Times:

Our 25 man guild runs will take place on Monday & Thursday from 6:00pm - 9:00pm EST (23:00- 02:00 Server Time)10 man runs and other optional raids will take place throughout the week depending on people's availability / desire to attend.

We choose to use a two day raid week for a couple of reasons:

  1. While we're extremely passionate about gaming and WoW in particular, we do have lives outside of gaming (families, friends, careers, other hobbies, etc.)
  2. Two days is all that's needed if raids are run in an efficient manner
  3. Knowing we only have two days during the week to clear our content and progress helps ensure #2 stays true
  4. To avoid burnout.  When raiding begins to feel like a job / chore instead of a way to enjoy your free time, bad things happen.

Note - While we'll only be hosting mandatory raids twice weekly, optional raids will definitely occur for those interested in chasing specific achievements or getting in extra attempts on content we haven't yet cleared or certain hardmodes.

Loot Distribution:

Loot will be distributed by a Loot Council.  When a piece of gear drops, all raid members interested in that piece will need to send a whisper to the master looter, linking the gear they would replace, and the word "main" if you want it for your main spec, or "off" if you want it for your off spec.  The following factors will determine who gets that piece of loot:

  1. Main characters have priority over alts.
  2. Main spec needs have priority over off spec needs.
  3. Members+ have priority over Initiates.
  4. Best in Slot items will take personal performance into consideration, even if someone else would get a bigger upgrade.
  5. Non-BiS loot will go straight to the person who would receive the biggest upgrade.
  6. If more than 1 person meets all the requirements above, they will simply be asked to /roll.
In extreme cases; poor attendance, behavior, or personal performance can remove you from consideration for loot.

Requirements to join:

  • Respectful of all members of the Dalaran-WoW community. Excessive trolling and elitist attitudes are not tolerated (light trolling and a cool confidence encouraged).
  • Fluent in English
  • Able to attend the majority of raids at the times listed above
  • Able to use Mumble (mic not required, but must be able to listen to raid leaders)
  • Able to follow instructions and strategies as laid out by raid leaders
  • Able to take constructive criticism delivered in a very respectful manner and apply it regarding things such as your spec, gems, enchants, addons, ability to get out of fire, etc.

If you possess the traits listed above, you WILL be successful with us as we clear all content this great expansion has to offer.  You can begin your journy with us by clicking on the "Apply to Guild" link found on the left side of this site, or by clicking here.